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How to claim Road Accident Fund (RAF) in South Africa

Posted by Adam Malapa on Sunday, October 21, 2012 Under: How to?

How to claim road accident fund?

This is the question everyone involved in a road accident asks themselves, their friends and end up on this article.

Most people would like to do it themselves, I mean getting the form filled and submitting to the Road Accident Fund (RAF) offices. Well, for e I think it is much better to get a legal expert to do it for you. You might be asking yourself why? The reason is that, one with their naïve knowledge in the processes and how the payments are graded, you could get far less than what you are supposed to get.

An attorney or a lawyer should be the one to assist you in processing a claim to the road accident fund. They have legal perspective of how claims works, some probably specialises on this fields, so there is less chance of their claim to be unsatisfactory. The legal expert can negotiate for a fair amount of money which could be equivalent of the suffering or the injury.

You can work with an attorney in two ways: either you hire them and pay the on their normal rates or work on a contingency basis. Contingency basis meaning that, you can only pay then only if they win the case. In this case, you and your attorney should have to agree on a contingency percentage. Mostly ranging between 20-30% of the paid claim.

What are the requirements for the claim?

  • ·         One should have been involved in a road accident (any road within the boundaries of the country)
  • ·         A case number fro police station where the accident case is held
  • ·         The copy of the statement made with police
  • ·         Statement of the medical conditions relating to the accident
  • ·         Your ID copy
  • ·         If you are a minor, your parents’ ID copies as well
  • ·         The form (your attorney should have this). If you are doing it yourself you can download the form here.


Where to send your form?

Contact RAF as follows:

Physical Address
38 Ida Street
Menlo Park
Docex 500

Postal Address
Private Bag X 2003

Telephones and Fax
Tel No: (012) 429-5000
Fax No: (012) 429-5500

Call Centre No: 0860 23 55 23

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