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NFR Bursary for Masters and Doctoral Studies 2015

Posted by Sa Bursaries on Sunday, December 28, 2014 Under: Masters and Doctoral Bursaries

Students For Extension Bursaries For Completion Of Masters

And Doctoral Studies

This call is only for:

Current NRF bursary recipient who is not able to complete the Masters or Doctoral

degree by end 2014. (Freestanding / Innovation / Scarce Skills or Grant Link)

Current NRF holder’s that are in the process of finalising their thesis for examination

and/or submitting a manuscript to an accredited journal.

Demonstrate clearly WHY extended funding is required

Provide a clear plan for completion of the degree during 2015 or by end 2015.


All criteria as per the original NRF agreement signed by current NRF awardee are still

applicable if Extension funding is awarded in 2015.

Application Process:

Must be submitted through an online application process to NRF via the Institutional

Postgradute Office for verification


Your supervisor must be invited through the system in order to comment on your

progress. (No comment from supervisor will mean that application is not submitted

by UP to NRF through Online)


And from the Postgraduate Scholarship Desk

Ensure you follow the Application Instructions as advertised on the UP website (Archives)

Closing date: 23 January 2015

In : Masters and Doctoral Bursaries 

Tags: nfr bursary masters degree doctoral studies 2015 
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