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SAB Miller Bursary

January 12, 2016
SAB provides financial support for bursars, in addition to a complete learning experience. They offer vacation and summer work for their bursary candidates, along with trainee opportunities for graduates. Candidates will have the chance to learn from tangible business challenges. In exchange for all they offer, they do expect candidates to uphold the highest standards of academic results, plus show exemplary behavior. Upon successful completion of studies candidates are expected to enter into their graduate trainee program.

Qualifying Criteria

SAB bursaries is just one of the many ways that the company supports the equity act, while also aiding in the economic growth of South Africa. They look carefully at all candidates, and urge those with exceptional academic progress to apply for a bursary within one of the fields mentioned. They seek young candidates who show potential and strong leadership qualities.

• Candidates must adhere to the following and provide certified copies of all documentation:
• Candidates must have passed Matric and provide their results
• Candidates must have passed with a 75% average
• Candidates must be a South African Citizen
• Candidates must hold a valid South African ID
• Candidates must provide parents / guardians proof of income
• Candidates must provide parents / candidates ID documentation
• Candidates from a previously disadvantaged background will receive preference.

Service Contract
Candidates will be required to sign a service contract with the company, this contract will be for the same period as that of the bursary.

How to Apply
Candidates must please ensure all documentation is completed fully, signed and all required documents attached, before submitting.

Bursaries can also be printed, completed and send to the following address:

Bursary Department
P.O. Box 782178
SAB Bursary Department


Great North Transport Bursary Contacts

January 12, 2016
The Great North Transport Company located within the Limpopo Province of South Africa offers talented individuals the opportunity to complete their studies. They do this with their bursary program. This program is offered to candidates who would like to study within the fields of transport and logistics.

Qualifying Criteria

Requirements for applicants are as follow:

• Candidates must be a South African citizen
• Candidates must have a valid ID document
• Candidates must excel acad...
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Limpopo Department of Health and Social Development Bursary Opens March 2016

January 12, 2016

A recruitment measure by Limpopo Department of Health and Social Development to fill the identified and existing skills gap required to render the efficient and good quality service.

Qualifying Criteria
Limpopo Department of Health and Social Development Bursary Scheme is targeting solely:
i. South African citizens who, for all intents and purposes, are permanently residing in Limpopo Province and who are from the most poverty stricken households:
ii. Categories of applicants legible t...
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