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University of Cape Town Bursary

Posted by Sabursaries.com on Saturday, September 14, 2013 Under: 2014 Bursaries

Financial aid is provided to any prospective or current student who is a citizen or permanent resident of South Africa and has been accepted to study at UCT.

To apply for financial aid you must:

a) First apply to UCT and

b) Be accepted to study at UCT

Financial Aid

Financial aid is comprehensive funding based on approved costs of study. The most financially needy students could pay as little as R1 000 or less towards their cost of study each year.

All applications are checked against the following eligibility criteria:

South African citizenship or permanent residency (conditions apply)

First undergraduate qualification

Financial eligibility

Applicant must not be under administrative order

How to apply

Click Here to download the application form. This form is for students new to UCT in 2014

Download The Application Form

Closing Date 31 October 2013

Return this form to:

The Admissions Office

University of Cape Town

Private Bag X3

7701 Rondebosch

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